Playing it safe: Commonwealth Vault

When thinking about keeping valuables safe, people often believe that locking them in a safe at home is the ideal security solution.

It’s that kind of erroneous thinking that allows today’s opportunistic burglars to enjoy the spoils of their crime sprees. As the value and price of gold and silver sit at an all-time high, it’s worth considering moving such precious assets to a high-quality, high-security location, instead of leaving them hidden away at home.

The only place that is absolutely foolproof against the determined thief is a safe deposit box housed within a vault, such as the Commonwealth Vault here in Christchurch.

This highly sophisticated vault encompasses enhanced security, biometric scanning, and 24/7 remote surveillance. The guards constantly watch over the vault, monitoring its surveillance cameras and movement sensors.

As the final deterrent to any would-be burglars, the vault has several extra layers of state-of-the-art security measures which cannot be revealed to vault customers in order to maintain complete security.

Housed within the beautiful and historic former Public Trust building, prospective customers can see for themselves that security wise, this is where their valuables need to be.

The team encourages those interesteded in investing in precious metals to talk to Kent Galpin, who is available at their Christchurch branch to facilitate any purchase of gold and silver.

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