Making art out of machine

As you are cornering the hill section from Akaroa to Christchurch, you are very aware there is something special at play. Perhaps it is the monster M twin turbo V8 engine with M differential and electric power steering, or perhaps it’s the luxury cabin. It’s probably everything.




I guess that’s why BMW sales have jumped 50 percent in the year to December, and why it’s the only premium car brand to register 2000-plus cars in New Zealand last year.

The BMW X6 has 460kW of power with 750Nm of torque. That is something similar to the top line of any luxury sports cars and wow, you can really feel it. The eight speed M steptronic transmission is smoother than silk.

The luxury cabin has leather merino seating, lumbar support and cooling system meaning your journey is done in pure comfort.

That’s the package you’re getting for $231,900 though. Everything is top of the line.

With high roof rails in high gloss shadowline, the 21-inch bi colour alloy rims and that beautiful downward slope on the tail – you’ve got an SUV which almost overloads the senses.

The team at Christchurch BMW joked about telling the police I was on the road and to keep an eye out for me. But you really do need to keep an eye on your speedometer.

New Zealand is getting a great variety of BMWs hitting our shores, I caught up with Karol Abrasowicz-Madej, Managing Director at BMW Group New Zealand, to chat about it.

“2020 has been an extraordinary year for all of us, but we adapted to the times,” he says. “Our team pivoted our campaigns to boost the spirits of New Zealanders even as we entered lockdown, and further extended our offers to give customers more value.”

The X6 is just one of a plethora of great vehicles heading our way and who can’t get excited by the M3 and M4 heading our way with new kidney grills and flared rear tails.

Love it or hate it (I love it) the new changes are just pushing a great brand forward and when you’re sitting at the top of Sugarloaf watching the sunset behind a beautiful piece of machinery like the X6 M competition, you really are grateful that there is a designer out there making art out of a machine.




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