Make winter sweet

A combination of colour and fragrance in a winter garden helps lift the darker, colder months, and there are many trees and shrubs that fit the bill.

Here are some:
Chimonanthus praecox (wintersweet) is well known for its winter fragrance, and the clear yellow bells of Luteus, or the red-marked form, Grandiflorus. Look out for Trenython with creamy, almost white, flowers brightly marked in red and an unusually powerful scent.
Sarcococca (Christmas box) are evergreens with glossy pointed foliage, gorgeous white flowers, and an unmissable scent. Various cultivars range in height from 60cm to 2m.
Lonicera (scented bushy honeysuckles) are well known, and easily grown, although best against a wall in winter. Look out for pink flowering varieties.
Viburnum × bodnantense (winter-flowering viburnum) is popular, especially the Dawn cultivar. For a brighter pink, more fragrant flower try Charles Lamont. Viburnums flower intermittently from early winter into spring.
Hamamelis (witch hazels) come in a variety of cultivar, many brightly coloured, but not all are scented so be careful. Look out for Angelly (pale yellow), Arnold Promise (lemon), Aurora (yellow and red), Imperialis (pale yellow), Jermyn’s Gold (gold), and Vesna (pale orange).

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