Make it a date

Now that we can come and go as we please, it’s nice to mix things up when it comes to date night, and sometimes a night in is just what we need to connect with our loved one.

Spring is in the air and with love following suit, there’s a chance to eat in or outdoors as the days are getting longer and the weather that little bit warmer.

Setting the scene

Atmosphere is everything, so a great way to change your meal from an everyday dinner to a date night special is to create a romantic atmosphere. Bring out the silverware and cloth napkins, lay out a nice tablecloth, and add a few candles to the table for a romantic touch.

Spice it up

Have fun and instead of just one of you making the meal, why not make it together or turn your date into a cook off? Pull out the aprons while you’re at it, as there is nothing worse than getting spaghetti sauce on your white shirt before you tuck in!

Sweet Sweepstakes

Including an interlude between the main course and dessert is a great way to incorporate some quality time. Why not play a game of cards and add a prize that winner gets to choose the sweet treat, or gets served by the loser.

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