Luscious lip contouring

Recent scan data from IRI shows New Zealand’s lipstick production is growing.

One of the top three brands driving the growth is Karen Murrell, which was the highest grossing revenue of all brands in the natural lipstick category in the last 12 months in New Zealand.

Top sellers include lippies with names such as Violet Mousse, Carnation Mist, Seduction, and lip tints Plum Martini and Coconut Infusion. Keeping a close eye on rapidly evolving lipstick trends, brand owner Karen Murrell says the current fashion focus is once again on lips.

“Lip Contouring is the new thing. A more natural look is the new vogue du jour, while still creating the illusion of full luscious lips, which is where lip contouring comes in.”

She says orange and red lips really pop and allow for paired back eye makeup looks.

“Eyes are now a place of creativity, and you can attempt to match eyes to your lip look. I often pop a touch of my lipstick in the centre of my eyelid and blend it through.”

Karen’s advice on contouring:

Apply a lip pencil to the middle of the lip line, accentuating the Cupid’s bow, and the lower lip just underneath the lip line. Don’t take the liner to the outer edges of the lip.

Apply lighter coloured lipstick in the central lip area.

Use a lighter concealer or highlighter just above the Cupid’s bow, and apply a bit of a contour powder or cream underneath the centre of your bottom lip to create the illusion that the lip is full and casting a shadow.

Blend the contour so it’s subtle and not overdone.

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