Love of lemons: Ali’s Lemons

A love of fine food, family gatherings, all things Italian, and fresh, high-quality ingredients combine in perfect harmony for this Canterbury entrepreneur. Food enthusiast, business owner and chief whip, designer and bottle washer, Ali McGregor is the founder of Ali’s Lemons.

A childhood immersed in the traditions of farming, gathering with friends and family to share food prepared with love, and a lifelong fascination with Italy, inspired the launch of her artisan business in 2011.

Working from the kitchen of her own home, Ali has adapted many traditional recipes to create delicious and distinctive products that showcase her passion for lemons. Limoncello made with lemon zest steeped for eight weeks, reduced sugar and saffron lemon curd, marmalade, melting moments, old-fashioned lemonade and gleaming jars of preserved lemons are just some of her products.

Ali sells online and from her stall at the Christchurch Farmers Market. Every product is created from the finest ingredients sourced from organic growers and free-range farmers throughout New Zealand.

Homemade and hand-produced in small batches, each of Ali’s products has been specially created to suit the New Zealand palette. Ali adapts them to ensure each recipe combines the best quality and flavour from the finest ingredients.

Repeat customers, who cluster around her stall each weekend, are testimony to the popularity of the fare on offer. Visit the website to order products and see the unique recipes, devised by Ali and tested by her friends and family.

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