Let the drinks beGIN: Juniper Distillery

Sean Juniper was not a spirit drinker until he decided to make his own gin.

“Having the surname Juniper, was a major factor in deciding to make gin. My wife rightly pointed out that we didn’t enjoy gin, so I decided to make one that we did. Having brewed beer for years, I felt it couldn’t be that hard. It only took me two years to get the recipe right,” he adds.

Juniper Jinn

Dry gin is where it’s at for Sean, the intensity of flavour comes from the quantity and quality of berries uses in the distilling process. Other botanicals are added which help balance the Juniper flavour and although Sean won’t divulge the recipes, he says he only uses four botanicals.

“As a chef, I liked the idea of using a pot still, which helps to bring all the flavours from the botanicals out. Once you get the balance right, it’s magic. My gins do have quite a distinct Juniper flavour to them.”

Visit the Lyttleton, Ohoka, Amberley and Mount Pleasant, farmers markets to try the full range of Jinns and Jinn Liqueurs. Visit the distillery Facebook page for dates and times.


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