The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Look fabulous not fake: The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Remember a few little wrinkles or imperfections don’t make you less attractive! The problem with chasing perfection with cosmetic treatments is that it can lead to an overfilled or fake look. Cosmetic treatments should only ever subtly enhance your natural beauty.


The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic


It is important to look at all areas of the face when thinking about doing cosmetic treatments as ageing occurs everywhere – not just isolated areas! Amazing lips can look completely overdone if the tissue surrounding them is saggy. It is important to find a cosmetic doctor who takes a whole-face approach so that you can achieve a natural look. A good cosmetic clinician will help guide you past unnecessary procedures and choose the right treatment for you to refresh your natural beauty. Natural contours can be restored using dermal fillers and wrinkles can be softened using Botulinum Toxin. Different treatments address different signs of ageing so often a combination approach will actually give you a more natural look.


Love the skin you are in! Look after your skin with quality skincare and in-clinic treatments to boost skin quality such as IPL( to remove sun-damage and redness), Ulthera ( High Intensity Ultrasound for tissue tightening), Radiofrequency needling (for skin tightening and collagen induction)and professional skin peels. Good skin that is hydrated, smooth and luminous with good elasticity is essential to a naturally beautiful face. The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic prides itself on its personalised treatment plans. Dr Brigid Lee does all the injectable treatments and is a member of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine.



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