Lock them away: Commonwealth Vault

A solid contents insurance policy is a must for most of us. It enables us to leave home for long periods of time knowing that if the worst should happen, we would be able to replace our consumer goods.

The niggling fear usually comes when we consider the irreplaceable possessions. The heirlooms we are entrusted with, the jewellery that comes with precious memories, the documents that secure the future, and more.

When it comes to securing your unique items, you could go with the loose floorboard approach, the up-the-chimney approach, or the cubby hole behind the fridge approach. Alternatively, you could award yourself total and complete peace of mind by renting a Safe Deposit Box at Commonwealth Vault.

They come in four sizes, and there is a $50 discount throughout October on all rented or purchased Safe Deposit Boxes, to mark the first anniversary celebrations of Commonwealth Vault.

Of course, the Safe Deposit Boxes are also available to store the bullion you’ve purchased at Commonwealth Vault. “We are also marking our first anniversary by proudly introducing two new products,” says Manager Kent Galpin. “We now have the Royal Canadian Gold Bars, and the Britannia Gold Bars to add to our growing range of bullion products.”


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