Live in warmth: Team Green Architects

Passive houses are becoming more popular, and for good reason. They are low-energy builds that require little power for heating or cooling.

Living in a passive house is healthier and more efficient, especially as we battle these cold winter months. Siân Taylor, co-owner and architect at Team Green Architects, explains that the temperature in these homes won’t drop below 18 degrees, whether you’re home or not. The heating demand is 10 times lower than a typical house, so you don’t feel that dreaded cold and save on your power bill.

“Your house is a complete thermal envelope, so walking from one room to the next, you will have the same temperature,” Siân says. “There are no drafts or cold spots as the temperature is constant throughout.”

The experts at Team Green incorporate passive design principles into all projects. It’s as integral to their builds as the architectural, health and comfort components. The benefits go beyond just energy efficiency. It’s the little things like when “Lighting the fire becomes a special occasion as opposed to the only way to keep your house warm,” Siân says.

You can contact the Team Green Architects for more information on the healthy, low-energy and comfortable homes they can bring to life for you.

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