Joy of toys: Canterbury Playcentre Shop

Christmas is looming large – time to think about finding the perfect treasure to excite and engage your child.

Toys should be something each child engages with from their own unique perspective. Because of this, the best toys won’t show you on the box exactly what they can do, but rather will encourage children to find out for themselves.

The knowledgeable staff at the Canterbury Playcentre Shop are on hand to offer helpful advice if you’re unsure of what will best suit each child.

Take chunky wooden blocks for example – not a very exciting looking toy to adults, but in the hands of a child they become a multitude of wonders. They start out as a stacking and knocking down activity, but then become roads for cars or tracks through a jungle for animals.

It all depends on what the child is excited about at the time. Best of all, children will play with the chunky blocks for years and they will last.

Games are another gift that can provide years of fun. The Canterbury Playcentre Shop has a good selection of games for children aged from two years. Some favourites are the range of co-operative games that allow children of all ages to work together to win the game.

17 Buchan Street, Sydenham. Call 03 377 4354.

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