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John Bridgman: The Influencers

It may only be 117 metres long, but the short stretch of road between the hospital and new Christchurch Outpatients facility, known as the Oxford Gap, is undergoing some major surgery of its own.


John Bridgman
Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive

When it opens towards the end of the year, the Gap will cater for a significant amount of traffic. Every day 800 people visit Outpatients along with 300 staff, all arriving by car, bus, bike or on foot. On average 1000 people bike through the Gap each day on their way to or from the city. So, to keep vehicles moving safely and efficiently, Oxford Gap has been redeveloped into what is best described as an airport pick-up and drop-off area, with short-term and mobility parking.

You will drive in from the southern end, near Riccarton Avenue, and exit via Antigua Street. For people walking and cycling through the Gap, there will be a 4.5 metre wide shared path on the west side of the street, adjacent to the hospital, and dedicated pedestrian footpaths on both sides of the street.

To get between the hospital and the outpatients building there is a 12 metre wide raised pedestrian crossing, ensuring users can be easily seen. You can get a good look at the new Oxford Gap layout from the City Promenade, which opens on 25 November.

It’s a big change in a very busy part of the city so when using Oxford Gap for the first time please do so with care while we all get used to the new layout.



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