Ivan Iafeta

Ivan Iafeta: The Influencers

A significant milestone in planning the future of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor has been reached, with public notification of the Draft Regeneration Plan which provides guidance on future development of the area.

Ivan Iafeta
Regenerate Christchurch CEO

The draft plan, and details of where hard copies can be seen, are on our website. The deadline for written comments is 5pm on Wednesday 19 December. Another regeneration advancement in recent weeks has been the Christchurch City Council’s development of its Central City Action Plan, which builds on Regenerate Christchurch’s earlier assessment and advice on increasing regeneration momentum in the central city.

The Council’s action plan acknowledges the influence cohesive leadership will have on its success and reflects Regenerate Christchurch’s call to action, particularly for the public sector, to ensure regeneration decisions are made on a “best-for-city” basis.
This will not necessarily come easy – largely due to the fact that there is not necessarily a shared understanding of what “best-for-city” actually means. Nevertheless, it will not be optional and a genuine commitment will be required.

There are always competing demands. Never more so than in a city setting itself up for future success in what could still be described as a challenging environment. Addressing these demands in a manner that considers what will deliver the most benefit to as much of the community as possible, is my idea of a “best-for-city” approach. What’s yours?



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