It’s a steel: Coresteel Canterbury & Kenneally Timber

The properties of steel make for impressive reading. Hardness, toughness, tensile, yield and fatigue strength, elongation, plasticity, ductility and malleability are a good place to start.

With its base in iron, first smelted in 1200 BC, the applications for steel in the 21st century are limitless. You’ll find steel in everything from stadiums to scalpels to satellites.

Completely recyclable, steel also requires relatively low amounts of energy to produce, and the industry has worked hard to reduce this during recent decades.
Coresteel Canterbury is at the forefront of steel for building in every context. The company’s expert design engineers use a unique construction method to create buildings of any size and shape, without compromising structural integrity.

It’s Tapered Box Beam portal system truly won Kenneally Timber over, for the design of its new premises. Without supporting brackets or braces, the system is perfectly suited for large-scale warehouses because it adds extra internal space. During the project, the team managed the process from start to finish with their in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the finished product. They have absolutely nailed this project from start to finish,” says Declan Kenneally, the owner of the new building.



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