Investing in the future: Riccarton House & Bush

Many people think only in terms of the next financial year or, at the most, about the next few decades.

The effects of climate change are one result of this type of short-term thinking. For years, people have prioritised making a quick buck, which research shows has led to long-lasting consequences for our planet; consequences including increased air pollution, widespread deforestation, and rising sea levels.

Thinking beyond just ourselves, and our lifetimes, will help ensure future generations enjoy a liveable world. Let’s not let our descendants live in a Thneedville (the world in which Dr Suess’ The Lorax is set) type dystopia where trees are extinct and the need to purchase air becomes a reality.

Christchuhch has a special slice of nature in the heart of Riccarton, and it needs help now to survive for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Pūtaringamotu/Riccarton Bush needs donations so it can continue to tell the story of Christchurch’s first permanent European settlement, and highlight the importance of native flora and fauna to our local ecosystem so our descendants can continue to prioritise protecting it.

Since 1914, the Riccarton Bush Trust has sought to protect and enhance Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush from ever-increasing pressures brought on by urbanisation, and introduced pests

and weeds. Against all odds, the bush has survived, and today residents and visitors can see it firsthand, and witness conservation efforts. “This special place, this link to our past, with its unique sights, sounds, smells, culture and history, must be protected and conserved for the people, not only of Waitaha Canterbury, but all of Aotearoa,” says the Trust.

“Pūtaringamotu/Riccarton Bush is a place of living history, a gift to future generations and it must be protected.”

Certain areas of the boardwalk have started to deteriorate; the concrete paths have become uneven, posing a tripping hazard. Additionally, the signage is outdated, providing visitors with limited information on the cultural importance of this special place.

The Riccarton House and Bush Trust acknowledges the current financial challenges faced by everyone and warmly welcomes any donation,  even if it is as small as the price of a daily coffee.

Donate via the link or visit the bush and donate using the handy payWave set up in the Riccarton house.

The future

The Enhancement Project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Integrate Ngāi Tūāhuriri values, associations, and narratives into the design, art, entrance experience, and interpretation of Pūtaringamotu/Riccarton Bush.
  • Improve the track system and infrastructure.
  • Develop the Grove area to accommodate larger groups visiting Pūtaringamotu/Riccarton Bush.
  • Provide educational interpretation that encourages engagement and participation

Donate Now

To ensure the future of Riccarton Bush, $2.4 million is needed to fund the Enhancement Project. Your donation can help protect, conserve, and enhance this important heritage landmark far into the future.


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