Addictive whole foods: Whole Harry Wholefoods

It all began only a few years ago with maple syrup—the very best quality organic-certified maple syrup from family farms in Canada and Vermont, imported into New Zealand. It’s now stocked by the major New Zealand supermarket chains.

Entrepreneur Isaac Firestone of Whole Harry Wholefoods wanted more. He wanted a way of utilising the maple syrup in a gourmet food product. And so along came Well and Truly Granola. Mother and daughter baking team Donna and Natasha at Whole Harry now produce a range of 100% premium, certified gluten-free granolas. No wheat, no barley – simply nuts, seeds, maple syrup and honey.

Expansion is in Isaac’s DNA. His ultimate goal is to take the best of New Zealand whole food products to the world. Already the company has an export contract with Australia to supply independent delis and gourmet food stores with its new Natural Abundance range of dehydrated crackers. These artisan products, hand-crafted on site in Christchurch by its baking team are plant-based, high in protein, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

The crackers are in unique and tempting flavours of apple, hemp, tomato, or kumara. “Crunchy, delicious, and addictive, these crackers are good for you, and like everything we do, taste good as well,” says Isaac. First Australia–next stop the rest of the world. See the website for recipes. 

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