Angelique Armstrong

Interior Inspiration: Q&A with Angelique Armstrong

Metropol caught up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors to get a sneak peek at the latest trends to hit the home.


Angelique Armstrong


What trends do you see emerging this spring?

Whether you are intending on a moody dark room or a fresh white palette, all our fabric companies around the world are suggesting more colour. We have pineapples, flowers and large prints coming through, for outside and inside use. We need more people in Christchurch that want to be different and go for an individual look that suits them.

What is your favourite thing to include in your designs right now?

Steel and timber combined in pieces of furniture. We tend to be moving away from built units and cabinetry. Freestanding pieces of bespoke furniture or individually purchased pieces are making a comeback. There are some beautiful pieces available for the look you want. Open and boxed shelving for indoor plants to sit on seem to be popular this spring.

What advice would you give to someone looking to renovate or build?

Engage a designer to help with the large decisions at an early stage. Spending a little bit of money for some good design advice can save you a lot of time, money and mistakes later on. Set a budget and stick to it. Someone who knows what they are doing can help you achieve the look you want by comprising what I call ‘highs and lows’. This means higher priced items and low priced can sit in the same room side by side to achieve the look you want.

What makes a successful interior for you?

When I walk into a room and feel inspired, it is due to the combination of colour, layout, accessories and fabrics used. This can be achieved through colours sitting well together, new products on the market and seeing the enjoyment on my clients’ faces when they see and feel what they are getting. From design choices made early on to the beautiful and homely final touches.

What are you currently inspired by?

I love many different interior design looks, renovated villas, to very modern, minimalist new builds. At present I am working on a range of jobs from a heavy industrial-feel project with elegance in Auckland, to a modern rustic project in Queenstown. I am inspired when I get immersed into each job and creating beautiful interiors.



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