Innovative Housing Construction Solution

Innovative Housing Construction Solution: MegaForm

You may not have heard of MegaForm Building Systems Ltd, but it is quickly becoming the most innovative solution in new home design and construction.


Innovative Housing Construction Solution


Philip Blair is the designer of MegaForm. With 35 years of construction industry experience under his commercial belt, including architecturally designed homes and commercial buildings, his knowledge on building techniques and appetite for innovation is exceptional.

An alternative to conventional concrete walls, MegaForm Building Systems Ltd utilises a solid concrete wall construction system to deliver advanced attributes, such as strength, insulation values and acoustic properties. Believed to exceed conventional construction methods in today’s market, MegaForm’s ICF system’s structural strength makes it an ideal product in cyclonic and seismic regions, with three series of blocks available in varying sizes for differing needs.


The blocks lock together with both vertical and horizontal reinforced steel running through the centre of them. Once the right wall height is reached, concrete is poured in which, when set, provides you with a solid reinforced concrete wall. The concrete provides the strength and the polystyrene provides the insulation. The result is warmer, drier and stronger quality homes, with less alarming power bills.

Blair’s latest project to contain MegaForm ICF can be found within the Lincoln subdivision of Rosemerryn. An affordable and energy efficient home, it showcases the benefits of MegaForm inside and out.


For more information on the product or to speak with Phil, phone 027 776 6451 or visit



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