Indian Inspiration

Does the new decade call for a revamped interior? In 2020 it seems we’re yearning for that new, fresh feeling – so it’s not surprising Indian-inspired interiors are reigning supreme in the world of home trends.

The colour schemes and decor of other countries and cultures have influenced interior design trends for some time now – take Scandi-chic for example, or the intricacies of Middle Eastern decor.

This year one such trend welcomes the eclecticism of Indian interior design – Pinterest searches for ‘Indian living rooms’ have skyrocketed more than 2000 percent as people begin to move away from the crisp and clean Nordic styles towards vibrant and festive interiors.

Interior experts recommend beginning with a neutral shade as a base – think the palest yellow, beige or washed out brown – and opting for rich, earthy colours like terracottas, ochres and spiced reds for your focal elements; you can’t go wrong by using the spices India is renowned for as inspiration.

Decorative accents like sculptures, rustic earthenware, poufs and finely woven rugs all draw on the raw beauty of Indian interiors.

Choose tarnished metals like brass, copper and gold, add cultural richness with dark, exotic woods like ebony and rosewood – particularly those engraved with authentic Indian patterns and floral designs – and swap out your simple white linen and block colour cushions for brightly coloured, intricately patterned fabrics – it’s all in the details.


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