Hydrotherapy care: Anatomie

Humans have known for millennia about the healing properties of water for injuries and aching joints.

Now, dogs (and cats) are starting to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, through treatment involving the therapeutic use of water to aid, and improve, health.
Animal hydrotherapy is beneficial in treating a wide range of injuries and health conditions, says Christchurch practitioner Sabrina Fitt, who is leading the way.
Sabrina, has studied worldwide, is fully qualified as a veterinary nurse, accupuncturist, and in Advanced Hydrotherapy. In 2019, Sabrina established Anatomie, a purpose-built clinic in Christchurch. From here she treats surgical and trauma compromised pets with hydrotherapy, and, if a condition determines it, maybe with accupuncture.
“Water therapy can be beneficial in treating neurological problems, cruciate tears, and other orthopaedic injuries,” Sabrina says. “It can also help with post-surgical healing and recovery, weight loss, improving strength, mobility, and vitality of pets with arthritis.”

Working with an animal’s owner and their veterinarian, Sabrina develops appropriate, individualised treatment and care plans.
The hydrotherapy tank is specially designed, and includes a built-in treadmill. The tank uses the buoyancy of water to minimise weight-bearing on joints, reduces stress on tissues, and flushes toxins from the joints. “The animals love it. They are not afraid of water here,” Sabrina comments.

If you suspect problems with your pet’s health, contact Sabrina via email at anatomie.veterinary@outlook.com, or leave a message on 03 925 8620.


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