Doggy day care: Sharna’s Dog Care

Day care for children is an integral part of our society. Now too, day care for dogs has become more popular.

People who work all day may still want the joy of owning a pet, and they know it is not in a dog’s best interest to be left at home alone all day.

The first modern dog day care called Yuppie Puppy Pet Care was reportedly opened in 1987, in New York, by Joseph Sporn, and the phenomenon soon spread. We have it in Christchurch as well, at Sharna’s Dog Care. Owner Keryn Ashworth knew of the facilities in the USA, and was certain there was a need for a similar service here.
“If you can’t play with your dog because you are at work, or away from home during the day, let our dog sitters do it for you,” says Keryn. “Our doggy day care gives your dog the chance to socialise with other dogs of all breeds and sizes, under careful supervision, as well as having human interaction during the day.”

There is no doubt the dogs love being at Sharna’s. They fly in the door in the morning, and are almost reluctant to leave at the end of the day. They have great indoor and outdoor spaces to roam freely in, and they get heaps of stimulation from all kinds of toys and interactive games, and even a paddling pool big enough to swim in.

Sharna’s Dog Day Care is located in Sockburn, and welcomes dogs and their owners from across Christchurch, and even from out of town on a casual basis. “Your dog will have a great dog’s day out with us,” says Keryn.

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