Hybrid workplaces: Ricoh NZ

Modern hybrid workplaces continue to evolve at a progressive rate.

This means that as hybrid work becomes a permanent change in the world of work, the importance of employees being able to work and collaborate—from anywhere—remains firmly in the spotlight.

Forward-thinking organisations know they need to provide employees with digital tools and solutions— or risk losing top talent.

To meet the needs of a hybrid workforce, business leaders must leverage insights from the latest workplace trends to keep up with the times. One of the top trends is business intelligence. Technology needs to be seamless, integrated, and part of a more extensive business solution. Transitioning to a digital hybrid workplace starts with how you manage your documents, files, information, and data—and mapping a plan to go from information overload to intelligent business.

It’s non-negotiable for modern businesses to have more actionable, more targeted, and mobile information. Information that is not correctly classified and attributed can result in lost time, productivity, and also in lost revenue.

By automating processes across your business, time and resources can be diverted to meet other business objectives, and companies can choose to stay small and agile. Increased efficiency and productivity both translate to healthier profit margins. To find out how to achieve big leaps through small steps, email me at ckiricook@ricoh.co.nz or call me on 027 828 5335.



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