A one day holiday

While a simply serene place for a weekend getaway or Easter escape, never underestimate the beauty of a day trip to Hanmer Springs.

If you’re short on time and dreaming of that holiday feeling, take the short, tranquil drive to this beloved destination. Keep these ideas as a reference for your next trip to Hanmer Springs.

A bucket-list village at its core, Hanmer Springs is never shy of things to do. There’s plenty on offer though, if you don’t desire the thrill of a jet-boat ride or bungee jump. Trek just out of town to the Forest Amble Sculpture Walk, dotted with large wooden carvings of giants and animals. Exciting for young ones, and equally exquisite artworks for the adult eye.
Filled with fashionable clothing boutiques galore, make use of the destination shops that line the main street. Many are locally owned, and stock a range of
New Zealand and overseas designer labels, so there’s plenty of opportunity to support homegrown brands, while incorporating a glimpse of overseas style into
your wardrobe.
If you’ve worked up a sweat building new wardrobes and even overworked your wallet, make your next stop one of the eateries nearby. Taste a range of mouth-watering plates from multiple cuisines, and sample cocktails or coffees as you please. There’s no need to dedicate any time to cooking, with the restaurants in and around Hanmer Springs pleasing every mealtime.

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