Passionate plasterers: Redrock Plastering

With any construction or renovation project, plastering often emerges as the unsung hero, shaping the essence of architectural design aesthetics. Carefully balancing tradition and innovation, plastering remains a craft that can transform mere walls into masterpieces.

Aprecise craft, it demands perfection and luckily the passionate team at RedRock Plastering do too. “Customers can engage with our award-winning business dedicated to unwavering high standards, exceptional customer service and quality finish in our workmanship,” say owners Manu and his wife Jenna Toailoa.

“Manu and the team really listened to our vision and instinctively knew what would work best for the space,” expressed one happy customer, sharing their RedRock experience. From new home-plaster applications, re-cladding and repairs to large or small commercial plastering, including solid plaster or stucco repair and complete plaster facade installation, RedRock Plastering can deliver.

“Our skilled artisans relish the pivotal role they play in shaping the visual and structural identity of your build, seamlessly blending expertise and creativity to transform your vision into a reality,”
explains Manu. “As specialists working with brilliant product ranges such as Resene Rockcote Construction Systems and Cerano, a modern concrete alternative, RedRock Plastering can turn any substrate into a thing of beauty.”


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