Heavenly, holistic therapies: My Heaven

Heaven is on earth. It’s just a matter of your point of view.

We are living in a time of amazing change, but are we also feeling something changing in us and can’t quite put our finger on it? What if all this upheaval over the past two years is a good thing?” asks Hamish Harcourt of My Heaven in Merivale.

“Viruses and social distancing were giving us the opportunity to revitalise as individuals and lock-downs were our time to rest; maybe life is trying to tell us something?

“It’s all a matter of perspective and what is important to us,” he adds. Hamish has been practising
holistic therapies for many years and comes highly recommended.

Trained in Swedish Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Pulsing and mixing a number of modalities and studies to individualise treatment, he applies his training together with his intuitive ability to offer treatments that are like no other you have experienced.

“Heaven is a place we most want to end up, I believe it’s right in front of us,” he explains. “My Heaven is about helping others to find their center, balance right there in amongst their busy lives.

Holistic therapies cover a wide range of services, helping to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. To achieve balance, rejuvenation, or just to relax, why not call Hamish and the team.

147 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch Central City.


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