The down-low on Vitamin D: Herb Nerd NZ

Vitamin D – there’s more to it than meets the eye. Sandra Walsh from the Herb Nerd NZ explains.

“While it’s called a vitamin, it’s actually a hormone called calcitrol. An appropriate name as it helps with calcium uptake and healthy bones. It’s also required for optimal brain function, respiratory health, cardiovascular health and is the fulcrum to a balanced immune system.

To make Vitamin D, a dose of UVB rays from the sun gets the ball rolling. Yes, the sun is your friend. Excitedly, this activated form travels to the liver where it is converted to the prohormone calicdol.

This heads through the blood to the kidneys where, with open arms, it is converted to the active form of Vitamin D, calcitrol. It’s released into the bloodstream.

Supplementing with too much Vitamin D can disrupt this delicate pathway. Dizziness, muscle weakness, kidney stones, nausea or vomiting are a sign of overdosing. It is strongly recommended to include cofactors or helpers such as Vitamin K2, zinc, magnesium, boron, Vitamin A, and quercetin when supplementing with Vitamin D.”

Unsure what do to? “Drop by the Herb Nerd NZ and have a chat, we want only the best for you and your whānau.” Sandra Walsh, BSc. C.H.M.

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