Ground-breaking gas: Elgas

LPG gas is a wondrous thing – for heating, hot water and cooking. However, a ground-breaking patented Elgas invention creates a lucrative advantage. The gas cylinder is contained under the ground – completely out of sight.




The aptly named EasyGas DownUnder was developed by a Sydney engineer. First launched and patented in Australia, by Elgas, it won the Australian International Design Award in 2010. Now commonplace in households there, it was recently introduced to New Zealand.
Architects, engineers, builders and homeowners are now seriously considering the advantages. “You won’t need to order gas anymore. Via an automated system, we schedule deliveries,” says Roger Smith, South Region Manager for Elgas.

“EasyGas is delivered by tanker and filled directly from the hose, which only takes a few minutes. There is no swapping of cylinders. “Most are positioned beside a driveway, garage, mailbox, in the garden, and accessed via a secured lid, flush with the ground – in line of sight to the tanker.” “The 90kg heavy-duty steel cylinders are thicker and stronger than the regular, and extremely safe underground.”
He says a highly secure canister is built into the ground. Then the cylinder is packed in tightly to withstand any high water table pressure, or lateral movements like earthquakes. And the lids are fire resistant.

“The cost of the kit varies with each installation. An Elgas approved gas-fitter will provide the precise cost.”


EasyGas DownUnder cylinders and outer canister can viewed at the Home Ideas Centre Mandeville Street, Christchurch. Or visit www.elgas.co.nz.


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