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Hair turns grey at different ages, with some people starting to grey from their mid-20s to 40s.

Half of all people will exhibit significant amounts of grey hair by the age of 50. If greying occurs before the age of 30, it is known as premature greying. One scientifically-sound reason for this happening is genetics. If your parents developed grey hair young, chances are you will too.

Other factors contributing to accelerated grey hair include long-term dieting, protein and nutrient deficient diet imbalances, as well as extreme mental and emotional stress. Early grey hair can suggest underlying conditions such as anaemia and thalassemia minor or iron, copper, zinc, and VitB12 deficiencies.

“Frequent hair colouring utilising harsh chemicals incorrectly on scalps too young, can damage hair at a cellular level, altering the chemistry of pigment cells (melanocytes). These cells eventually stop producing pigment earlier than expected,” says Trichologist and Director of Hair and Scalp Clinic, HairMantra, Dr Padmaja Redekar. She recommends yearly scalp check-ups should be as routine as annual medicals.

“At HairMantra you will receive expert advice with holistic lifestyle-oriented solutions, issue-specific products and supplements, and a home haircare treatment regime. Call us today and balance your hair health from the inside out,” Padmaja adds.

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