Woven wicker solutions: Woven Veranda

The use of wicker in furniture dates back as early as Ancient Egypt, evidenced by the archeological discovery of a ‘royal’ wicker chair-seat inside King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Popular during the Victorian era, wicker enjoyed a resurgence in the 1970s, and is still an enduring choice in many modern homes. You can enjoy the charm and durability of wicker thanks to Christchurch company Woven Veranda, which offers an exciting selection of stylish, Scandinavian-designed cane furniture from Indonesia.

If you’re leaning towards traditional outdoor styles, they have a robust range comprising a synthetic UV-stabilised wicker, woven on to aluminium framing, for 12 years longevity, and also all-weather durability.

The clean lines, timeless comfort, and eclectic flair of their high quality indoor range combine to make it versatile, and hugely popular. Comprising specifically grown cane, woven on natural rattan tube framing, it boasts a tasteful aesthetic appeal, with durable, contemporary, styling.

“We can customise your personal style needs, and transform any living space seamlessly with wicker,” say owners Lisa Lloyd and Guy Gunn. “Unwind in an outdoor swing, or indoors on a comfy lounge suite.

Add a casual Bohemian vibe, or bring a sense of relaxed country living into your busy city lifestyle.”

View their extensive selection at 1429 Main North Rd, Waikuku, or online.


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