Good as gold: Lynette McFadden

Well known and respected business woman Lynette McFadden has gone from strength to strength in the real estate industry and isn’t slowing down. She chats to Metropol about what she has learned, special moments, and what motivation boils down to.

Lynette McFadden

After 27 years in the industry, what is your number one piece of advice for success as an agent?

You’re right, 27 years gives you a lot of time to formulate some guiding principles and I think these go deeper than advice. Everyone is going to offer advice based on their own experience and not all of it is helpful. I have had terrible advice given to me at times, especially early on in my career, so I’ve tried instead to stay true to my values. Expect to work hard (leave now if you can’t), surround yourself with good people, those that lift your spirits and your game, protect your integrity – once lost, like trust, it’s very difficult to reclaim, and treat people with genuine care and kindness.

When you think of your experience in real estate, what has been a stand-out moment?

I have three stand-out highlights:

  • My husband John joining the industry two years after me.
  • Paying off the big loan we had taken out to buy four offices.
  • Being inducted with John into the Harcourts Hall of Fame in front of 1000 guests and my family; mum, dad, sister and sons. Tears, tears, and more tears plus a wee waiata.

What’s one of the best things about the industry?

It’s life-changing and most of that is to do with the people you meet on the journey and lifetime friends you make. I’ve also benefitted from a strong emphasis on personal wellbeing, growth, and development.

Thinking back to when you first started, how did you stay motivated through the challenges that come with the industry?

Motivation has never been hard for me, I’m genuinely optimistic with a glass overflowing mindset. Historically, the earthquakes were very tough, covid-19 and lockdown were especially difficult for me due to the level of uncertainty, but our mentor Gilbert Enoka reminds us in stressful times, “that this too shall pass,” and it has. My other secret weapon has been my family and partner of 45 years, Johnny.

When did you first get on the property ladder?

We were early home buyers and I had my 21st in our first home in Bishopdale. It was 1983 and it cost $57,000. A little bit has changed for me since then!

How do you relax?

A big bath every day, I find showers too business-like! Reading, thinking, walking, and laughing with and without mates.



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