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If they are doing what they are designed to, they shouldn’t take up any of our headspace at all. Low key and unassuming, they are the introverts of the construction world. But like human introverts, we couldn’t function without their quiet and dedicated commitment to their job.

We are talking about drains here. That critical element of your residential or commercial infrastructure that carries away your sewer and stormwater, including the excess water that falls from the skies. When the drainage system stops doing its job, things can go very wrong, remarkably quickly.

If you suspect an issue beneath your feet, or would simply like peace of mind, the people to call are Enviroflo. They are the Christchurch drainage specialists, but they also cover North and South Canterbury. Locally owned, they are a group of experienced drainlayers and technical team, and they specialise in repairing earthquake damaged drains. “Our qualified staff have over 100 years combined experience in the drainage industry and extensive knowledge of the EQC claims process and earthquake related drainage issues and repairs,” says co-owner Hayden Greig.

The team believes there is undiscovered damage to Canterbury drainage systems that has been historically overlooked. “We want to offer our services to landlords, investors, and property owners to check for earthquake damage and work alongside these clients to get costs covered by EQC,” says co-owner Ryan Gebbie.

“We believe that a lot of rental properties are missing out as tenants may not be experiencing problems, but there is damage that can cause issues down the track.

“We are keen to work with landlords and investors to assist with properties that might have been overlooked so far.”

On a mission to get the Canterbury drainage system working efficiently again, the team handles everything from initial booking of a free camera check and survey, through to completed repairs with the above ground landscaping and hard surfaces included. “For EQC work, we take care of everything using our trusted process,” says Hayden. “We start with a free camera check and assessment, we then send our findings to homeowners and submit our report and quote to EQC. When the claim is approved by EQC, we complete the drainage work and landscaping, often including hard surfaces. The final step is signoff from the happy home owner.”

You can be sure your finished product not only works perfectly but looks beautiful too, because the team also specialise in driveway upgrading. They can meet you onsite to discuss a variety of options. “Give us a call, and we will be happy to help,” says Ryan.


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