Getting Trolleyed

Getting Trolleyed

The glamourous but practical vintage drinks trolley is reliving its heyday.


Getting Trolleyed


The first trolleys were wheeled into Victorian dining rooms for ‘tea total’ refreshments. Then along came the prohibition era, and out came the art deco bar-on-wheels with circular chrome sides and shiny Formica tops. Lightweight drinks trollies were all the rage by the ’50s.

Traditionally dramatic in design, they were of shiny brass, glass and beautiful-grained woods upon wheels. Now with a surge in popularity, both circular and rectangular two-tiered drink trolleys are the latest thing – being replicated with functional splashbacks and in an array of designs.

With the rise in artisan spirits and liquors, it’s a shame to tuck away the bespoke bottle of gin. Bring out the crystal decanters and martini glasses, add swizzle sticks, serviettes, a silver champagne bucket and a bowl of lemons – and you have an eclectic showpiece for the next party. Cheers!



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