Getting organised

The minimalist life doesn’t work for everyone. If you are a collector of many things, it can be easy to let your house slip slightly out of order.

Want to be true to the (messy) you? Here are some tips to keep your household chaos under control.

Find a system that works for you
Design a system that syncs with your own personal habits—one that keeps things simple. If something feels overly complicated and requires too much effort, we will likely not follow it. For example, if you’re not going to take the time to neatly fold a towel over a towel rack, then ditch the rack and opt for some modern wall hooks.

Create a place for everything
Have a home for everything, so that things don’t just get left on random surfaces around the house. For example this could be a bowl for keys by the door, a hook for the dog leash, or dedicated baskets for shoes or mail.

Harmonise unkempt areas with existing decor
Take stock of things that create a mess. If you’re an avid reader who has books strewn around, find ways to artfully arrange those items to match the décor. Stack them on a bench, or in rows on top of your dresser.

Minimise the look with layers
If opting for shelf styling, create areas for the eyes to rest. Use negative space, and varying layers in height. Try layering with a tall piece of art, a medium one in front, and a smaller piece in front of that.

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