Home and work space: Resene

If last year taught us anything, it’s that is is a good idea to be prepared with a functional home office space.

Whether you were unable to cross everything off your to-do list at work or perhaps a global pandemic has suddenly made remote working the norm for you, having a dedicated home office zone where you can get stuck in and focus makes it much easier to pick up where you left off.

In an open-plan space, colour is a great tool for delineating areas for different tasks or uses while also connecting them to keep your look cohesive.

Grey-toned greens are currently among the most popular hues available. Given that they’re both contemporary and relaxing, variations like Resene Thor and Resene Paris White are great picks in a multi-purpose where activities can demand concentration and calm.

The key to creating a sense of interconnectivity between two areas that each feature a different ‘hero’ hue is to weave a few flourishes of one into the other. For example, while Resene Paris White is the main wall colour in the office area, a simple painted grid design, a shelf and a painted box in Resene Thor layer the key colour from the lounge zone.

Sometimes, certain spaces and needs demand physical division. Rather than erecting walls that break up the flow of your open-plan space and block sunlight, a low bookcase is an ideal addition for separating a home office area from a lounge.

If you need a more temporary solution than a full-on built-in bookcase, you can paint a new or second-hand standalone one front and back in the
same colour as your walls.


Floor in Resene Mako, left side of wall in Resene Paris White with grid design in Resene Thor, middle stripe, top of dividing wall in Resene Saltpan, right-hand side of dividing wall and right-hand side of wall in Resene Thor.


Portobello Chair from Dawson and Co, Armadillo Braid Rug in Chalk from The Ivy House, State Highway 39 art print by Sarah Parkinson from endemicworld, Polar bear from Flotsam and Jetsam, Cushions from Republic Home.

Project by Kate Alexander

Images by Bryce Carleton


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