Being biophilic

An increasing number of architectural and interior home designers are incorporating biophilic principles into their work, bringing nature indoors. Being at one with nature is often relaxing, tranquil, and can evoke feelings of wellbeing and peace, which is where biophilic design comes in; its goal is to bring traditionally outdoor elements inside so our homes […]

Productive propagation

From hobby gardening, to cottage industry, propagating your own plants comes with the satisfaction of creating new life. Growing up, my mother’s hobby propagating orchids for export fascinated me. Hers was a world of petri dishes, test tubes, flasks and agar whereas when my time came, I stuck with cuttings in potting mix, and in […]

Flower farming for wellbeing

University-stressed and soul-searching Jaz Rule looked to nature for a spark during lockdowns. Instead, she found everything she’d ever needed to overcome anxiety and the pressures flooding her. Metropol Deputy Editor Nina Tucker finds out why. Lost and confused, deep into a degree in human services and sociology, Jaz pondered her purpose. Online flower arranging […]

Bring on the basil

Basil is a culinary herb, with a variety of cultivars, used in cuisines worldwide. Easy to grow from seed or propagated stalks, it thrives in warm, moist conditions, thriving in gardens, raised beds, pots, and hanging baskets. In Western cuisine, the generic term “basil” refers to the variety also known as sweet basil or Genovese […]

Porch plants

Spruce up a bland pergola or porch with these eye-catching plants, which are made to hang. Wisteria Wisteria will add enchantment to your outdoor space. Choose a position in full sun and protected from strong winds. They are vigorous climbers, and the added support of the pergola to twist around is vital. UPKEEP: Pruning is […]

Identify garden pests

Find-A-Pest is an innovative app that allows Kiwis to identify and report invasive species, including plants, animals, and insects, empowering users to safeguard New Zealand’s environment. Unique to Aotearoa, the app creates a database of pest information that is used to support biosecurity knowledge and efforts across multiple organisations, including Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), […]

An artistic garden: Grow Landscapes

Improve the ambience of your garden this summer with fountains and garden art from Grow Landscapes & Lifestyle. Picture the gentle murmur of trickling water, sculpting a tranquil ambience for warm evenings – this is where a water feature takes centre stage. To enhance your garden’s atmosphere, contemplate incorporating corten steel garden art. With its […]

Bee a host

Our precious pollinators are facing a homelessness crisis, having lost much of their natural habitat due to urban development, change of land use, and intensive farming. You can help by putting a bee hotel in your garden. Good bee hotels mimic the natural cavities that solitary bees would use, such as holes in wood or […]

Christmas tree keepers

Thousands of Christmas trees end up as landfill each year. Planting a potted Christmas tree and reusing it annually will reduce this number significantly. Trees have extensive lifespans for a reason, and instead of cutting one down each year, consider growing your own. Invest in a versatile and durable pot, and make your Christmas tree […]

Look after our bees

New Zealand’s bees and natural pollinators are critically at risk, and some species are already listed as endangered, says Organic NZ. Honey bees are responsible for more than 75% of all global pollination – the whole world relies on honey bees for food. Yet, the same species that rely on honey bees for pollination and […]