Here’s to radishes

Crunchy and peppery, radishes make a colourful addition to salads and sandwiches, and they’re great eaten raw, dipped in hummus, or on their own.

More than 100 varieties exist, in a range of colours, shapes, and sizes, all with their own unique flavour and nutrients. From mild and earthy, to slightly sweet, and/or pungent and peppery, different kinds of radish have many enjoyable uses. Popular varieties include:

Red Radish – also called table radish – is round with bright red skin and white flesh. They are firm and crisp, with a fairly peppery flavour and plenty of calcium.
Daikon Radish – aka Chinese white radish, is a winter variety that is long and white. It has a carrot-like shape, and a mild, sweet flavour. Popular in Asian cuisine, they’re packed with fibre, antioxidants, and are a rich source of vitamin C and folate.
French Breakfast Radish – a vibrant reddish-pink colour with a white tip, they’re oblong, have a super crisp texture and a mild peppery, slightly sweet flavour. Try sautéed, roasted, braised, or stir-fried.
Watermelon Radish – an heirloom variety of daikon radish named for their resemblance to a watermelon. They have a green-white outer skin and a vibrant reddish-pink interior (pictured). Their flavour is mild and slightly sweet and peppery. Use to garnish dishes such as salads, Buddha bowls, and avocado on toast.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recommends several ways to enjoy radishes, including raw with butter, pickled, julienned in risotto, roasted, in tacos, sandwiches, salads, and chilled soup.

Did you know?
Radishes are alsoa good source of natural nitrates, which may help improve your blood flow. Radish leaves might be good for gut health and reducing obesity, according to one study.

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