Being biophilic

An increasing number of architectural and interior home designers are incorporating biophilic principles into their work, bringing nature indoors.

Being at one with nature is often relaxing, tranquil, and can evoke feelings of wellbeing and peace, which is where biophilic design comes in; its goal is to bring traditionally outdoor elements inside so our homes more closely resemble the natural world.

More than just ‘greening’ a building, biophilic design includes energy efficiency, and also focuses on the health and wellbeing of humans in the built environment as well as the health and wellbeing of nature as part of our cities.

Despite the complexity of biophilic design, there are some simple ways to incorporate the patterns of nature into a home or commercial setting, and one of the easiest is by adding indoor plants. From hanging baskets to planter boxes, ceramic pots, and living green walls, plants will quickly bring nature inside. In addition to being nice to look at, and relatively easy to care for, they filter carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen, improving the air quality, and have been shown in studies to reduce stress levels.

Possibly the hardest decision will be what varieties of plants, and what type of containers to house them in. Pots are a firm favourite, coming in such an endless range of colours and styles that they can readily complement any décor.

Try these suggestions:

  • All white ceramic pots for a clean, neat, yet chic look. Ideal for cacti.
  • Timeless terracotta pots for a more rustic look. Fill with ferns.
  • Cheap and cheerful assortment of mismatched colourful pots.
  • Gorgeous glass to make use of surplus drinking vessels.

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