Gain usable space: Garage Pro

A gym, a workshop, a games room, a studio?
The opportunities for your garage space are endless this winter, if only you could keep the cold and damp at bay.

It’s more of a heave of a roll than a wave of a wand, but Tim Gerard, owner of the local Garage Pro franchise can convert your garage into a comfortable functioning room in quick order. Using high-quality European garage carpet installed to a high standard, you’ll gain usable space and add value to your home.

Waterproof, dense, and tough, the carpet has been rolled out in more than 6000 double garages covering more than 215,000 sqm.
The finishing touch to a cosier space is garage door insulation, plus CleverSeal, a brush-based sealing system that seals the gaps around your garage door.

“The Pro Group prides itself on quality service that is reliable and customer-focused,” says Tim, “I personally oversee every project so that my customers get the outcome they are looking for.” Call Garage Pro on 027 349 0527 and claim your extra room.

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