Fuel the fleet benefits: RD Petroleum

Fuel cards are a great way to ensure you and those in your business keep moving.

They’re a payment method for anyone in your business that will allow you to easily manage vehicle fuel costs—no matter how many you might have in your fleet. Additionally, they can offer savings at the pump and make reporting and admin a breeze.

RD Petroleum offers a fantastic fuel card that will give you 24/7 access to its ever-increasing network of rural service sites across the South Island. They’re accepted at BP service stations as well as Gasoline Alley (G.A.S) sites and RD Petroleum’s fuel sites throughout New Zealand. “Our fuel card has no annual fees or transaction fees,” Hamish Harvey at RD Petroleum says. “It’s the perfect solution, allowing you to consolidate all your fuel expenses into one simple monthly statement.”

Established to provide a professional, competitive, and service-driven distributor for fuel and oil products, their services stretch beyond the fuel card, offering farm deliveries, commercial bulk deliveries such as contractors and transport companies, aviation bulk fuel services, and home heating deliveries. As local suppliers of many community service stations, they’re constantly adapting and making use of new technologies.

Another benefit of their fuel card is that you’re not locked into a term deal, and you can add other purchase options to the card such as oil, or diesel only. You’ll also be saving per litre at the pump.
Originally starting as a grass-roots business in rural New Zealand, they now have fuel sites across the South Island. This means you’re able to access their fuel whenever you need it.

The way pricing works for the fuel cards is beneficial to your business’s bottom line, too, offering a weekly price that is the same throughout the country—except for Auckland where the regional tax of 11.5c per litre will be applied. The cards are also available for individuals, meaning you can access some great savings even if you don’t run a business.

“We currently have a large number of fleet customers on our fuel card offers. The combination of our leading-edge technology, modern fleet, and highly experienced staff means we can offer our customers the most cost-effective solutions,” Hamish says.

Applying for an RD Fuel Card is simple and will give you access to a range of great benefits. You can head to their website and fill out a form, or give the friendly team a call
on 0800 44 00 14.


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