Meet the Brazilian team: Me Time Wellness

Considering all the incredible technological advancements we enjoy in this 21st century, there seems little to complain about.

However, even the greatest things can have a downside and for many of us, the downside is time – or lack of it. Me Time Wellness comprises a team of highly skilled Brazilian health practitioners dedicated to putting time back into people’s lives through its holistic healing services.

Vanessa is the director. Her expertise is in lymphatic drainage therapy and body improvement, using sophisticated technology such as cavitation, radio frequency, LED, Hiemt Emslim Nova, and lipo laser.

Roberta is an expert in pain relief therapies, focusing on the innovative technique called Neural Silence that works to alleviate pain in muscular dysfunction (sciatica, lower back, and neck). The objective is to find the source of pain through manual manipulation to release trigger points without causing pain. Those who have tried Neural Silence report it as being magical. Roberta also offers a wide range of other therapies.

Thamyris is a physiotherapist with a master’s degree in Dermato-Functional Physiotherapy, and is an expert in advanced aesthetics.Thamyris works on HIFU ultrasound, facial rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, manual therapies, lymphatic drainage, and microneedling, among other techniques.

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