Food & fantasy: The Rabbit

By day, it is a picturesque café serving up homemade desserts and artisanal coffee. By night, the space transforms into a dinner destination and bar offering premium sushi and a range of elegant cocktails. Nothing sounds better.

Located in the heart of Ashburton, The Rabbit is new to town, yet is already making its presence known. Quickly, it has become a favourite for locals and visitors alike, and it is not difficult to see why.

With popular Ashburton restaurant Formosa already under their belt, co-owner Amber Huang explains that she “wanted to create something different, a unique space for the town of Ashburton”. Undoubtedly, The Rabbit makes for a magical dining experience. From its hidden pink doorway to the sleek interior and ceiling painted with subtle cloud formations, the atmosphere is one of ambience and fantasy.

Known for their unique pastries, tarts, and desserts, all of which are made in-house, Amber says “if you simply try the desserts at The Rabbit, you will see that we are like no other”. The extensive menu of cocktails are bestsellers, making it the perfect destination for a weekend date night or drinks with the girls.

The Rabbit also boasts a large meeting room, a space which can be booked for private functions and used for various community workshops and cooking classes. Described as “an oasis for relaxation, pleasure and discovery”, The Rabbit is well worth a visit.


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