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Floral arrangements create a beautiful burst of colour in any room and add a little something special to a home. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at creating your own pretty arrangements, Metropol has a few top tips to get you started.

When selecting your flowers, try choose a range of varieties that each bring something different to the arrangement. Some will fill space and add texture and bulk, without stealing the show. Some will bring movement and add dimension, and some will be the stunning focal flowers that give the bunch its wow factor.

Decide on a colour scheme before you start arranging. You might choose to stick with one tonal colour scheme, fun and bright complementary colours, or beautiful rustic neutrals. Whatever you choose, make sure you have some greenery in there as this will fill the gaps. Use whatever flowers are currently in season as inspiration.

Aside from the flowers, you don’t need much to create a floral arrangement. Good sturdy shears or scissors are needed to give the stems a fresh, clean cut. A vase is also a necessity, and the shape and size of this will change how your arrangement looks. The wider the opening is, the more flowers you will need to fill it.

Start with a focal flower, and begin to add greenery, filler flowers and focal flowers, rotating around your bunch to create variety. The twisting and turning will also keep the stems looking tidy. For the outer layer, use greenery, to tie everything in nicely. Before placing the bunch in a vase, give the stems a trim so they are all even.

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