Flaxseed for fur babies: Waihi Bush Organic Farm

Our pets benefit greatly from wholesome, natural, unprocessed food which is easily digested and has high amounts of important vitamins, antioxidants as well as essential fatty acids.

With degenerative diseases, such as allergies, arthritis, heart disease, cancers and auto-immune disease unfortunately on the rise in animals, what we feed them is vital to manage these conditions.

Waihi Bush Organic Farm’s for the love of animals Organic Flaxseed Oil, provides essential Omega 3’s to support pet health and is the easiest way to increase their Omega 3 intake. Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for normal function, and processed pet foods can be deficient in these important fats.

Common indicators of Omega 3 deficiency are a dry coat, lowered immunity, flaky skin, stiff joints, cracked hooves or claws, fatigue, slow recovery, poor reproductive performance and temperamental behaviour.

Animals that consume optimal amounts of Omega 3’s have a good cell membrane structure, which gives them shiny coats and an added barrier of skin protection.

Good nutrition is fundamentally important to help pets stay healthy as it provides the basic building blocks that their body needs to function at its best.

View Waihi Bush Organic Farm pet and animal products via the website. Check out the website for more information on this effective solution for the management of itchy skin for your precious pets.


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