Fit for royalty: Christchurch European

The Range Rover. Outside of a Rolls Royce or Bentley, there is probably no other modern British marque which can encapsulate luxury motoring.

Since inception, royalty to business tycoons, actors, and sports stars have been seduced by this car, and have been lining up in droves for each new version ever since.

It’s very much been the case with the latest Range Rover too, providing you can find one. Due to lack of supply in this current climate, having access to this latest stately home on wheels is rare. Heading through inner city Christchurch in this 2022 Range Rover D350 SE, other owners of Range Rovers always double take, as if to say “That’s the new one”.

Its 3.0L turbo diesel engine provides a mountain of torque and every time you give it stick, the Range Rover doesn’t so much as dart forward, but wafts with dignity instead. Inside you have some of
the plushest surroundings of any new car and the combination of tan leather and the Belgravia Green paint scheme is rather timeless.

Whether sauntering to your local, or climbing every mountain and fording every stream, it’s hard not to admire the pomp and technological ceremony of the new Range Rover.

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