Feel good about looking good: Hair Art & Beauty

Sustainable Salons NZ is on a mission to end salon waste.

As a proud partner, Hair Art & Beauty now recycles over 95 percent of waste generated in the salon including plastics, metals, and chemicals. Plastic waste is converted into plastic beads and remade into furniture, packaging, and even glasses frames.

So far, Sustainable Salons has prevented nearly 90,000kgs of plastic waste from ending up in landfill. One of the biggest areas of waste in the salon industry is metals – from hairspray cans and colour tubes to aluminium foil. These are now sent to specialty recycling facilities, and the proceeds are donated to KiwiHarvest, an organisation that redistributes excess food to those in need. Four full heads of foils done at Hair, Art & Beauty provides a meal for a hungry person.

Even hair clippings and chemical waste is recycled – cut hair is converted into booms to help clean up oil spills around the world. Human hair can hold over eight times its weight in oil, making it super effective for this purpose. To prevent chemical waste from ending up in our waterways, it is sent to a processing facility where it is converted into CO2 and water, to be used in construction.

The team are so excited to be continuing their journey of sustainability and social responsibility, so they (and their clients) can feel good about looking good!


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