Expressive Flooring


In interior design, flooring has long been overlooked and delegated to the bottom of the pecking order. Recently, it is is making a comeback, as many interior designers opt for bold flooring choices to make a statement and bring personality to a home.

A significant part of any home, it pays to get it right. A room can instantly transform and find a new sense of character through its flooring. From patterned tiles to textured rugs, this is a unique way to add a striking point of difference, or some colour and depth.


Statement and patterned tiles are having their moment in 2024, bringing character to your kitchen or bathroom floor, or even as a point of interest on the stairs. Go bold and choose a tile with a geometric pattern to inject some personality, or experiment with a textured tile to add a rich element to your space.


When re-flooring is too big a commitment, an eye-catching rug may do the job. Like tiles and flooring, rugs make a statement by bringing a unique pattern or colour to the room.
They make rooms feel cosier, creating dimension, texture, and warmth in a home that may otherwise feel flat. Rugs also contrast with their softness between the harsh corners of a room.


Make a subtle and classic statement in your home with unique wooden or timber flooring. The right statement wooden flooring can instantly elevate your home and integrate your interior style.

Try laying your timber flooring in different directions for distinction, such as a herringbone floor which splices the small planks of wood in diagonal directions. Or, utilise the effect of coloured or stained wood to fit a rustic or modern aesthetic.

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