Beneath the wool

Save something else for special occasions and make lamb a more common meal in your rotation.

Lamb has a unique flavour compared to other meats. When cooked right, it offers a distinctive taste, rich, gamey, and succulent. While deceivingly, it’s not the most affordable meat on the market despite our lamb population, it is both healthy and tasty.

Great for a hearty meal and a fancy dinner, lamb is versatile, and pairs nicely with strong spices and herbs. Look for rib chops, loin chops, or a rack of lamb for a sweeter, leaner cut. If you want a gamier bite, shoulder chops or a leg of lamb should be your go-to.

Whether you like it in a deliciously rich curry, a traditional gyro sandwich with tzatziki, a burger patty, or as a classic roast, lamb makes for an inviting treat.

Plus, it’s an incredibly nutrient-dense food. Just one portion of lamb comes with a sizeable amount of protein, iron, and vitamins and minerals. Eating enough lamb promotes muscle growth and reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol in your body.


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