Expertly working together: Ngatahi Real Estate

“That feather duster isn’t just a microphone you know”. It’s not the advice you want to hear, but it’s the kind of thing you should be hearing if your real estate agent is up to the mark.

Once you decide to sell a house, you want it sold quickly and for the best possible price. A key factor is the expert knowledge and advice of your agent.

Hayden McKenzie, Managing Director at Ngatahi Real Estate says, “Always choose someone very straightforward, who believes in telling you what you need to know, rather than boosting your ego.”

Also stressing the importance of integrity, “Their reputation in the business must be impeccable, and you can check this out by asking around and requesting to speak to past clients.”

Like most businesses, real estate sales people can focus on volume, or they can take a bespoke full-service, hands-on approach.

“You want to choose the latter,” says Hayden, “If the agent isn’t interested in you, your reasons for the life change, and what you hope to achieve with the sale of your home, move on quickly and don’t look back. Ngatahi means ‘together’, and we believe personal connection is everything if you want to achieve all of your goals.”

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