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In 2011 Flow Hot Yoga was formed with the intention to bring Christchurch people together through yoga. It was opened by leading yoga teacher Donna Farhi, aka the “teacher of teachers”.

Eleven years later this popular yoga studio outgrew its Mandeville Street site and in October last year, Donna Farhi returned to open the newly named centre on Fitzgerald Avenue.

The following are Donna’s reflections on Flow Wellbeing.

“We all intuitively know the power of “place” and how an aesthetically beautiful environment or thoughtfully designed room can uplift our spirits. Few of us, however, have the resources to have such a designated space in our home and rarely can we find the peace and quiet we may need to calm our mind and refresh our energies.

“This is one of the reasons why the new Flow Wellbeing Centre is such an incredible community resource. Now anyone can potentiate their healing or simply shift a bad mood into a good one through being able to enter this gorgeous facility to attend a class, intensive or one of the many therapies offered there.

“I have taught yoga intensives and retreats in just about every country of the world and this new centre sets a new standard for what a yoga and wellbeing centre can be. And it is right here in Christchurch.

“Now more than ever we are coming to appreciate the mental and emotional benefits of being able to get out of the house and go somewhere that offers us a new perspective.

“When I walk through the doors of Flow, I feel immediately welcomed by the warmth of the staff. I feel immediately calmed by the thoughtfulness, order, and pristine cleanliness of the place: from the racks for your shoes to the beautiful pottery basins in the bathrooms.

“Entering any of the studios feels like moving into a sacred space: an ancient cave, a forest glen, or the ocean’s edge. The inspired interior by Sharon Cross brings these primal experiences into each room where the place can help to activate and support a movement back to centre.

“We all need a place where we can go to rejuvenate ourselves. We are deeply blessed to share in the generosity of this space.” – Donna Farhi, yoga teacher and author.

Open day

Sunday 20 February from 8am to 6pm.

FREE CLASSES (bookings required) and special memberships will be offered on the day. Wear your mask and bring your vaccine pass.

Flow Wellbeing has something for ALL ages, 10-100.

  • Hot classes
  • Cool classes
  • Big classes
  • Small classes
  • Specialty classes
  • Personal Consultations and a wide range of therapists at Flow Therapeutics.

Flow has chosen state-of-the-art Tatami Flooring to support both your movement and nervous system, as what we stand on determines which nervous system is activated.

Visit www.flowwellbeing.co.nz or call 0800 FLOWWELL
(0800 3569 9355).

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