Burnout busters

Burnout is a word being used increasingly in relation to work, sport and even coping with home life. One way to prevent or deal with burnout is to set boundaries. Sometimes that may seem difficult, but persevere; it’s worth the effort. Here are some suggestions from the team at Metropol.

Start small
Try saying no to things more often and create structure, such as not checking work emails or taking work phone calls after certain hours and on days off.

Look after yourself
Making time to do some of the things you enjoy such as socialising with friends, painting, gardening, taking a walk and doing sports.

Find balance
If you use a screen at work, then take a break from them after work, and during the weekend. Resting behaviours should differ from work so try something new and relaxing.

Take microbreaks
Microbreaks are tiny, impromptu breaks (five to 10 minutes) during the work day. Try walking round the block, getting a snack or looking out a window.

Try microchillers
Microchillers are small doses of self-care of five minutes or less throughout the day. Take a deep breath then check out the sights and sounds, scents and activity around you.

Seek help if needed
Daily, long-term stress management is a key part of fighting burnout, but sometimes counselling may be needed to develop a self-care plan to prevent burnout.

Change your outlook
Outlook is one thing you can adjust. Turn a stressor around by thinking how it can work to your advantage, and how you can find something positive in any negativity.

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